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He's shy and sorta nerdy. Sometimes I catch him staring at me too. He's cute though and he's a gentleman although a bit immature.
miley cyrus was dating nick lonas then selena gomaez stoll him away like miley and selena were tigers in the jungle!
antivirus scanner i don't need firewall and that other stuff just the anti-virus
then one software copy with the same cd key or serical key how do people that download pirate software don't get caught.
save to put in my picture folder,How ? When I right click on the picture I want it does,nt give me the option to save as, I could probably print it then scan it back on to my computer but surely there's an easier way
virus or the file thats effected and dose it delete the virus for good from the pc
You can't see the movie but you can hear it, can anybody help me on this, i have a account to Netflix, i have no clue what's wrong with it.
I Find It All In Arabic and I'm So I Got No more Money To A New One, I Dont Want To Buy Xp Or Vista. I Just Want My Edition Of Windows To Be In Wnglish. If There Are Some English Language packs From Microsoft