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Qb Kate
In many of the postings I keep reading the hate toward the rich and the pity party for the poor. I believe that that we are each responsible for our circumstances. I further believe that until a poor man creates jobs we need to quit making the rich man a villain. Most wealth people got that way by working very very hard. When you tax the rich to a point that they quit investing new jobs are not created and the economy starts back peddling. If you want to tax the rich then make it illegal for someone of any form of welfare to by beer, wine, or the like, cigarettes, steak - other than round, nikes, or any etc. If your going to punish the rich for creating jobs your need to punish those at the low end of the totem pole by making them make better choices with OUR money.
The man I was with for 2.5 yrs told me he disappeared for 7 months because he needed to find himself. Was this his way of reevaluating the relationship to see whether or not he wanted to try again?
i heard, even if they have yet to be treated, a patient can sign themselves out of a hospital.when in the eyes of the law, is it illegal to sign yourself out? or is it, no matter what the situation is, a patient can sign themselves out?
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Maybe there isn't really anything to know about those who don't share?
When I came to California I was surprised to find “NorCal” and “SoCal” stickers on many cars. Why does this phenomena of a culturally divided California exist? Is Southern California really that different from Northern California? If it is purely due to geographical distance than how come we don't see a Northern Texas vs Southern Texas trend or something similar?
I need to get into the Initial Setup on my phone (Menu>Extras>Settings>Intitial Setup) so that I can reset the settings, but my phone won't enter the Initial Setup menu when I push the OK or Select button. When I first got the phone, however, I could got into the Initial Setup at any time without problem.It's a Razr V3c. I did contact Motorola, but they weren't of much help. All they could say is, "Send it in, we'll fix it, but it will cost you money even though you got the phone just a couple weeks ago and it should still be under warranty." I am getting annoyed here and need help.
I think it works so good we could use it for decorating the entrance to the hallway .