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The rebates will not solve anything. If the trillions being spent on the two wars were spent on our own country, it would make a profound beneficial difference towards our own economy.
i.e. not just traveled; let's say you spent at least a month?... or, if less time, you lived as a local... you worked, or studied; you weren't just vacationing...And what did you like enough about the place, you wished you could "take home w/ you"? i.e. integrated into your life at home, or your home-culture?And what did you find yourself really valuing about home more, because you had been away?
Jkk was one of my favorite sites to help me with my Wii games, and in the past week or more, or less, I don't remember, it has been down and giving me the "Cannot find server or DNS error" page.
It happen again, I finish uploading 4 - 5 or so snap shots onto the Spaces profile home page I have there and as soon as I click Upload and wait the long time it takes to get them uploaded Spaces shows me that error message. Sorry, Spaces is temporarily unavailable at this time.Please try your request again, or if the problem continues to persist, please consult Help for additional troubleshooting tips.Things to do while you're waiting: Explore spaces Browse popular interests Browse recently updated spacesIt's interference leaves only one chose, start all over again. We think the computer is a new and faster way, but in reality the hoisting web-site knows how to keep you from getting anything done quickly and efficiently. My question is who is to blame my computer or MSN Spaces. Are they (Spaces) needing me to stay on their web-site longer just for rating or is it my computer that is to slow in it's uploading?Sorry for the long sentences I'm just up set.
everytime i try to send a SMS to a phone i get this message:This message was not sent because Mobile Messaging is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
My mom's llasso apso came in from outside acting kinda' funny. Walking a bit gingerly. The next morning he could not stand up as he had lost control of his back legs. The vet did exrays and is keeping him for two days giving him steroids and anti-inflammatories. The exrays showed that he may have a bulging disk. They say surgery is the best cure but it can possibly be managed medically. And he should "probably" be able to get around....though no jumping and few stairs. Mom can't afford the surgery, which is over $2,000. When he gets home, he's to be on strict 30-day cage rest...using a towel to support him when he needs to go outside.Has anyone else had (or know of someone who had) a similar experience? What was the outcome?