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can someone please tell me where I can get a download of a "on-screen" telephone that just lets me click button with mouse to dial out?--ty, Janet
when i travel i want a service to use just like signing on to get my e-mail which is free
This laptop is only 2 years old and has numerous problems. I need to talk to a sales or help person.Eileen SpencerAlliance Travelers(308) 762-2835
Does your telephone company still provide you with free books/ How about if you only have a cell phone?
Tags: telephone
Goodbye, Cruel World
The telephone will be used on other systems in other countries (local providers).Would I be better to negotiate a discount for not taking their "free" phone and buying the phone independently?
As of a few years ago, there was supposed to be one put-out by one of the major companies. However, is it still being processed annually?
Jp Money
My son was in a recent car accident and the other party who was at fault listed her insurance carrier as United Services Auto Assn. We have not heard from the insurance claims department and want to get our vehicle repaired.