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In 2005, the EIT was originally proposed as a real, brick-and-mortar university that has research, classes and grants degrees. But then the EU countries began squabbling over which country would get it. Then in 2006 it was changed to a 2.5 billion euro virtual network of researchers all over the continent. Then it became a small number of real university campuses. Now, finally, since member countries are reluctant to cough up the money, the proposal is for a 300 million euro set of research centers on just a few areas of science, that do not even offer classes or degrees. Is this project doomed (I mean, it's become so different from the original proposal, what's the point now--the EU already funds science...)? Does it show that the EU is not such a "U"? Do you know something about it I don't know?
The Oracle
potato? The micro waved one or the oven cooked one?.....With the oven cooked, you get that nice shell or crust, with the micro waved one, you know every molecule in that sucker has been evenly cooked.....then also, if you DO oven cook: foil, or no foil?
This is a business management project and I am writing an essay on the different management functions
technology just by now new things for Ex= ipods... are such smaller and sooner or later we wouldn't b in the world cuz we will find live in others planets. Science find water n bacteria in a planet. Any others question?
I need this technology for the computer ( siftwere ect) to produce digital "TV Productions for a journalism class in school.
I want to know all i can about a country with the best information technology in asia. It would be of great use to me if it was a relaible source.
--Do you believe that in terms of religion, it is necessary for a robot to tell (sense or determine the condition of a situation) by reading human senses? --Do you agree that science to reach the highest goal towards robo-sapien technology?
Most of our experiences of art comes to us second hand through reproductions seen in books, posters and on the internet. We rarely get to see the "actual" surface of paintings. It is difficult to experience the richness of the medium chosen and the scale of the original, yet, without these reproductions; most of us would never get to see the image. What's your opinion?