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I'm wondering how you determine the MRTS at a certain POINT on a graph. Point A is at 64 units of labor and 24 units of capital. So is the MRTS K/L? Which would be 0.375? Can someone help?!
I just wrote a brief but - I'd like to think - warm-hearted Goodbye message, summing up the better aspects of QnA and commending the Team for its efforts...I couldn't post a Comment anywhere on that collossal thread that was started yesterday afternoon (EST, USA time) by the announcement that QnA beta is closing on 21 May. So instead I was surprised to see that it was still taking answers, even with 96 answers that far...and of course one cannot text-mark and Copy one's own text BEFORE submitting it for posting on QnA...So, you guessed it: I lost what I wrote, but it really rubbed it in by suggesting I post a Comment instead!So, even with all the political and interpersonal arguments, I ponder: was part of the big source of frustration with QnA - and even its demise - due simply to insurmountable Technical Difficulties?Nah. I think it was just...all of that combined, plus, it couldn't stay in Beta forever. Like they say in the Academic world, it's "publish or perish".
I need some drawings of the engine, chassis etc. I want to study it.