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Shouldn't they be told young that everyone has a place in society whether or not we want to be there or like it? Shouldn't they know how society works so that they can get a better understanding of how to climb that ladder? Would it simply depress children into accepting their place in society without ever attempting to rise above it?
What culture, or society... and what do you suppose (opinion) motivated someone to take other people's children and teach them...When did it shift from solely being the parent's responsibility?
I graduated over a year ago, and now I've been buying books and studying on my own. I'm going for the MCSE. Are those books and exam fees deductable for my incometaxes. If so I also got me a laptop can I include it too and claim I use to study...
Yur Naem
Is this one of the parents first lies to the kids? Why lie about something like Santa? I"m being a BaHumBuG aren't I? :) merry christmas?
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