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Tags: talking
suicide what would you do I am so lost and scared. I thought we had a pretty open family and a good one but obviously I am totally wrong, I feel like a bad parent I am home all the time and spend time with them all but I am pregnant and I must not be giving all the attention I need to but what do I do with this situation/? i asked him where he had even heard such a thing and he says at school, is this a cop out or what?
I myself think although the person may have done something horrible, no one deserves death. They may have done something to someone, that hurt others, but do you want to hurt that person's loved ones? It's really quite hard, if I was in the situation, it would be different, I would be angry and maybe feel the way others do. However killing doesn't bring back your loved one. It doesn't help anything! I guess it's really just the situation! Your take???
A couple had to have their septic tank opened. When the husband came home from work, he found his wife had fallen in the tank and drowned.
Whatever happened to meeting people in person? I have seen so many people do this, and have heard of people getting hurt, kidnapped,etc. I just don't get it!
Thanks 4 your feedback. This was simply a question that had come up in conversation between friends a short time ago. I'm not actually in a situation like that. Thankfully.links to the two related questions:​C873part two:​709E
whether it be bragging or just talking about it in you believe in jinxing yourself, if you mention something good that is going to happen to you, before it happens?
Blue Cafe
If so, where is this on the net? It's very strange piece of footage with them talking in exact unison. It borders on the psychic. I first saw it in the documentary "Killing of America" but it wasn't considered a major part of the film. I think it's a very important piece of footage as it brings to light the role of occult in the entire Manson murders