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ventriloquist, Terry Faver. Absolutely positively astoundingly unbelievable...if you've not seen this- you've really missed something. This is singularly the most talented individual/performer I've seen in 20 years...because he does so much...and the full volume singing is just spectacular...Do yourself a it..and you'll see what I mean...
I've been working for 10 years and realize I have a below-average eye for color, visual spacing, hierarchy, etc. I'm always the "not-so-good" one among peers. The thing is, I think I like doing design work. But being not good enough really makes me sick. I would like to ask you, how do you know it's time to change course? Or maybe I should accept it as my fate as a 3rd tier designer for the rest of my life?
how i can use my talents in an useful way. like drawing animation.Photography.and my musical talents.
Tags: talent