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I want to use this PC tablet in vehicle with GPS, GSM, and GPRS facility under harsh desert climite conditions
Or perhaps the questions should be, is there a Tablet PC version of Linux?P.S. I'm not too bothered about the particular distribution at this stage. Just wondering if anyone knows, or has perhaps installed Linux successfully on a Tablet PC.Thanks.
Tags: tablet
When I was looking for this tablet pc in the description it says: Note: does not have touchscreen. so, I want to know if you can customize it to have a touchcreen.
I want the hp tx1000 But I don't have money. what would you recommend me to do to get the money?
Tags: tablet
the only thing that comes to my mind the could of caused this was that yesterday night I accidentally took the battery out while the laptop was on stand by. I know a mistake but how could that damage the computer. I tried connecting it to AC power but does not turn on either.
Kind of like a Wacom tablet. For drawing flash animations and stuff. If so, what kind of cables do I need?