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The rebates will not solve anything. If the trillions being spent on the two wars were spent on our own country, it would make a profound beneficial difference towards our own economy.
the food was in the yellow small can. it isn't on the recall should it be? she also has heart failure so this is exstremely hard on her.
anybody having ms symptoms and not getting fiagnosed from dr.
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I have tested my blood sugar and it is never high. I have the classic symptoms of low blood sugar, do you know what is going on with me?
I just started using QnA yesterday, but I'm already addicted. Today I'm going home from my Grandparents' house. At home we have dial-up, so I won't be able to use QnA 24 hrs a day. Will I have withdrawal symptoms from stopping so abruptly?
I'm trying to fix a relative's computer and I'm beginning to think that it's the hard drive; the computer can't find an OS when starting up but everything else in the computer seems to be connected and working fine. Also, starting up the computer from the Boot Disc only takes us so far and then a message says that a hard drive can't be found. Any ideas?
If you have ever had a virus, malware, adware, or spyware infection on your computer, what were the first symptoms you noticed? At what point did you realize that you had an infection? We are updating our tutorials on our website and we need your experiences.
The only problem is that the government of the country where you reside has banned it and tried to replace the drug with a manufactured version with 3 times as many side effects versus it's natural state. Would you abide by the law of your government or take matters into your own hands?