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Each time I type in Microsoft word every once and a while this symbol pops up and continues to repeat itself until I can get to the backspace button. It has been happening in search bars too. The symbol is '''''
Who owns Swsoft? What is its stock symbol? Parallel computer system. Article found about windows on mac. Looks awesome but cant find anything out about who owns it.
I've seen others use either it or the trademark or All Rights Reserved symbols. My online name is also used elsewhere besides online, and it IS copyrighted, but my keyboard doesn't have a copyright symbol; and I tried pasting it into my Profile but it came through only as quotation marks. Duh. So. The secret???? I know you're rolling your young eyes. Please humor the 'Boomer!
I have an inspiron 6000 and the little touchpad symbol by the clock keeps disappearing (I looked in control panel and it still says always show by clock) and the only way to get it back is to do a system restoreWhy is this happening and how can I make it stop?
TATA INDIA Ltd company has any single stock representing the whole company in USA stock exchange. can one buy the shares through a USA discount broker?