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I have Windows Vista, but it has slowed my computer down, now i want to switch back, when i put in the windows xp disk and clicked install now, it says that my version of windows xp is older and cannot be installed. how can i install it?
i have to reinstall windows soon and i was wondering what are the pros and cons of switching from xp to vista? i've been on vista computers before and haven't had any trouble playing games and whatnot. however, when i went to buy a new sound card over the summer and i researched it for reviews and stuff, many people said they had trouble getting it to work with vista. its a Dynex® - 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card. all i really do on my computer is play games, look up random stuff online and chat. i only ask because i'm one of those people who likes to stay updated, even if there's no real reason to upgrade.
Tags: switching
What company would you recommend? What company would poke your own eyes out before signing another contract with? This is for service in the U.S.
Since we don't pay for QnA, we have no way of influencing the administrators and boffins of Windows Live. I am seriously considering switching to Linux in protest (Macintosh is horrid) so there is some sort of monetary incentive for these business minded managers to keep our site open. Are you with me?