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This is due tomorrow. Please no joke answers. If you are going to answer, please answer all!:-What do you think are the 10 most important skills for a student to have as they enter the 21st century workforce?-In your opinion, what are at least 3 classroom activities/exercisescould teachers and students do to attain and practice those skills?-What words of advice would you give students around the United States as they enter the 21st century workforce?GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! :)
I am in need of a web site that is able to help me pole people to get information for a statistical study on the speed of the internet connections in the United States in their homes. This is part of an on-going study I am conducting on the expansion of the Digital Revolution into the American public's lives, so I am going to need a site that is able to help me conduct the surveys that I will need to conduct. If anyone could help me find a good site, that would be great. Cheers!
We're supposed to be getting new uniforms for associates. How do I get on the sight to take the survey? 10 questions I believe.
1. Male/Female2. Your Age3. In your opinion, what is fear?4. List of your fears.Please take this survey, its for my science project, which is do pretty soon! Please HELP!!!