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Yellowstone park is home to one of the BIGGEST supervolcano's in the world. If it erupted it would cause a worldwide devastation, killing off crops/food, people, and possibly sending the earth into a new ice age if the ash blocked the sun from our atmosphere long enough. It could also cause are moon to be illuminated as blood red. The magnitude of this blast would be 10,000 times that of Mt. Saint Helen, which would cause a Global Earthquake. In revelations it speaks of an Earthquake that would shake the entire earth, one more powerful than any man has known. It also speaks of the sun being blocked and the moon being blood red. Great famine and hunger world occur along with 1/3 of the earth's population destroyed. What are your opinions on this?
I have a 3.7gb thumbdrive but the asus support dvd is 3.9gb. I want to restore my eee pc 900 and i have no money to buy a external dvd drive. Is there a way to remove some of the parts that i dont need on the support dvd and create a bootable thumbdrive?
I need some valid and official information about people who support the execution of thementally ill. It is due Tomorrow so I will take any info you may know about. I have no problem finding people who oppose but I need infor for both sides of the arguement. Thanks!!!
Tangent Bill
The Bible says that homosexual relationships are wrong(Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9).