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John McCain was almost alone in his dogged determination to see the chaotic slaughter in Iraq brought under control. He, General David Petraeus, and thousands of brave men and women volunteers, brought sense and reason to that warfare, and succeeded in drawing down that violence. John McCain wants to end the sufferings of Guantanamo, and find a release from the bonds which hold us all. He demands that we never even consider cruelties or tortures. John McCain will keep America strong, ..he is determined to ensure that no enemy even consider war with us. Barack Obama has already announced his aggressions toward Iran, Afghanistan, and any area within Pakistan where he believes he may find the now cave-dwelling Osama bin Laden. John McCain has been through that pain, ..and he has found his way back. He knows the path, he has been down it already, he knows that experience. Sen. Obama does not. As we elect our guide for the next four years, ..shouldn't we choose the leader who knows the way?
Doctor Woot
We send our children to the best schools, they get the best medical care money can buy. And yet every decade we here about a new mental disease. Ada, add, bp and scores of others. We let our children put into their bodies every kind of bad fuel they can think of, and the MDs want too give them all drugs. If this was 40 years ago I wonder if the parents had tighter control over what they ate and drank would we have all of these disorders?