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role or do you just have fun with their role playing ?I was intriqued by a question yesterday in which an answer given was that they know that a certain user on QnA is not as they seem. If they have met that person in real life, then I can understand that being said but to not having met that person in real life seems a bit unrealistic. That is where assumption comes in and assume makes an A of U and Me.I've only done Role Playing in a couple of chat rooms in the past and found it fun but I'm not as quick witted as most role players who go into such chat rooms because most times it takes a bit of thinking to give the correct response. At any rate, I don't let myself get stressed because someone desires to play a role. Actually I do enjoy conversing with someone who plays the role of a redneck. I may one day write a blog on role playing but need some great input to role playing first
Chicago Lady
like or use bumper stickers. It's not mine. Just wondering .Would you have a bumper sticker on your car that says that?