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Where does windows media player stores wmv files when streaming them?Or how do i save those files without having the need to use anymore banwidth to download them again with the embedded video downloading tools out there?
i was over at walgreens with my mom, and as we were in the check out line, i saw next to me, a bunch of white, Obama hats.and then ahead of me, i saw a rack of t shirts that said Obama and Family. and it had him and his family on it, in front of the white house.all i could do was laugh and think to myself, "are they seriously that serious?"i have to know, did the same thing happen with Bush 8 years ago? cause i have no clue. and i think its silly to be making Obama merchandise. he is just another president. has the merchandise hit a store near you too?
Mainly I mean when can we expect special computer building sites like CPU Solutions or Ascendtech US to make Windows 7 available in the kits you can build on their sites?