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I often evaluate stocks by comparing average daily volume as a percentage of market cap. I am familiar with bar charts that contain volume information. I was wondering if there was a more automated approach that would save me from calculating and comparing.
Hey, ..I'm just a guy with a hammer and nail..But I see there is this thing called "stock margin requirement" (Reg T, c.1974) that says "investors" (LOL!) "must be able to put up at least 50% of the money for any stocks they purchase". Hah!!!!Are you kidding me?? ..Let's say some company needs money, ..and they can't get it from a bank, probably because the ongoing concern just doesn't look "viable", ..but they are allowed to sell stock shares (..raise "capital") from people who don't even have enough money to buy those shares, ..who can't actually put up the money that those companies are now going to go out and spend!!Wall Street calls that "leverage". How's Wall Street doing these days?
and what other ways are good ways of becoming rich? i am currently in college and my major is (IT) but i also want to invest in good stuff aswell
The company has a program that you can buy to learn trading attend workshops and then subscribe to feeds from their analysis software to indicate trade positions. Has anyone any firsthand info on whether this is more than just a "yeah gotta try this one" and any negative feedback? I would like to know before I pay out cash to join the club.Many thanks for any insights!

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