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Queen Mabds
Tangent Bill
I'm using a desktop usb adapter, in the status is receiving data, and gets online, but after about 300 packets, it suts off.
My application was in October of 2006. I have triedto get information locally to no avail; I have also beenin touch with the 800 number, to ask the samequestions, but with no results. I am not working nowand have not worked for4 months. My funds aregetting low, and I am getting quite discouraged. Isit possible for you to enlighten me on the above.Thank you and Happy New Year....Sara Bodnoff
I have sent you other questions which you should have at this time. Please refer to them, and respond ifthat is possible. If you prefer information by phone, you can reach me 24/7 and 702-292-6123. Again, please accept my gratitude. I do not mean to be overbearing, but I need to know the status of thisapplication. Thanks again, Sara
Please help this noob! Theres this yellow triangular icon with a "!" blinking in my notification bar, and when I left or right click it, it either takes me to a "Security Center" page offering "Free Scans" or unleashes a bunch of "YOU MAY HAVE BEEN INFECTED...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH" dialog boxes. Also, when I try to go to my homepage I get redirected to anybody give me the low-down on this?Mahalo Much!!!
In Windows Xp, When i connect internet, status notification (Two Monitors) were appeared in Task bar.But In Windows Vista I Cannot See This icon although i am connected to internet.I also don't know that how much speed i am connected at?
I posted this question yesterday but I have located the XP disc and tried to follow the instructions left to my by TJ.​F2DFToday's message is more ominous. I feel that my hard drive is failing. Is that what it means. Do I need to replace the hard drive? It's a WD 36GB 10000 RPM. I don't have another backup drive so I'll have to buy one. The other drives we have are not SATA, is there a way I can use one of them as a replacement?Thanks for any helpful advice you can give me.
sister has old computer she sez has 750 processor and 64 meg of sez 167 processor and 24 meg of ram.
potential threat....Web Tracking.As at the bottom of the page it also reads blocking can cause other programs to malfunction or stop,Sorry if I sound dumb but I,ve had enough computer problems this week and dont want to cause anymore