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Jay Byrde
S&Sfood stores are giving 10 cents per gallon for bying over 50 dollars of food
Tags: stations
They say it is just to expensive for them to take our plastic at such a high amount? What is going to happen next? I do not carry $100. around with me but my truck takes that much to fill!!!!
Chicago Lady
I just paid $4.08 a gallon to fill up. However, it was on National News yesterday that many stations throughout the U.S. have very old Meters at the Pump which only go as high as $3.99!! They have had to order new meters! Just amazing!
Billy Jean
We are told limited Refinery Capacity is the Reason behind Skyrocketing Gas Prices. If that is truly so, then why have I not seen one case of a station running out of Gas ? I say follow the money - How is it they keep reporting RECORD PROFITS !?! And why aren't the politicians All Over This - they are very quiet about the Gas Price Disaster...