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i am of from turbo C++ background .i dont know how to begin Visual c++ . which file should i inlude to use cin ,cout satements
I have a problem with my C source code. Here is where the problem is on the code:if (ni<=8000.00) sit=ni*0.03; printf ("\nTax deducted is 3 percent.\nThe state income tax is %d.", sit); if (ni>=8001.00 && ni<=15000.00) sit=ni*0.05; printf ("\nTax deducted is 5 percent.\nThe state income tax is %d.", sit); if (ni>=15001.00) sit=ni*0.08; printf ("\nTax deducted is 8 percent.\nThe state income tax is %d.",sit);getch();return 0;All three if statements ran, when the program need to print only one.. Please help me I'm new and just starting in programming. I use Dev-C++, and wish you could explain why it ran all of them and what would the source would look like if the variables are float type... It'll benefit me if you can answer me in the next 30 minutes.... Thanks in advance!
What changes should be made to GASB 14. How should component units (colleges, nursing homes) be positioned in the financials for best understanding of the municipality as a whole. Are component units that are reported considered major? What rises to the level of materiality to be posted as a component unit. How can footnotes be improved? Is it better to have the information on the balance sheet or in footnotes?