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computer starts up all the way to when it says microsoft windows xp then powers off and restarts over and over keeps doing the same process running xp proalready tried last known config and safe mode same results as above
I installed a program (bannedStory) and i wanted to run it after i closed the installation window and it wouldn't start I'm currently using windows Vi$ta. (Answer for any other program <overall>)I've tryed to restart the computer and re-installing it. Over XX times and im fed up. :OI was wondering if there would be a explanation for this unpleasant error ? lollThank you
Ace Investor
I'm starting university next year...In HS, I used the binder that you could open up and add sheets and stuff like that. What should I use for University? I hear a scribbler is the best for my lectures. Should I two sets of notepads for my lectures and seminars (of the same course)? What should I have for my labs?Both semesters are 5 courses, and I am majoring in physiology, with 2 and 3 labs per semester respectively. Any advice?
lets pull together and cut back on our fuel usage,sacrifice recreational outings long enough to show them we dont have to use fuel as much if we dont want to, and a lot of businesses will and are losing money as we speak, use that extra money to enjoy our families at home or put it aside to help pay our heating bills in the winter, and while we are at it while its hot start getting your homes ready to be energy efficient before it gets cold so they dont rob you in heating bills.