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Google has boasted that they are going to start designing their own operating system and they recently released Google Chrome BETA. Is this their idea of beginning an operating system? If not then who really needs another browser? One of the features that did impress me though was that it makes each tab a seperate process to keep the browser from crashing because of one bad site. Check it out at
When I start my computer I notice the OS does not go to the desktop it pauses at the welcome screen. How do you correct this problem?
computer problem? i have a homework and the question is:describe the 6 steps involve in starting the computer( or reset it)1. BIOS i slosded from ROM to RAM for execution2.Powre-on self-test is completed(POST)3.The operating system is loaded4.System figuration i saccomplished5.system utilities are loaded6.users are authenticateddo anyone have some website is about this?
to see if it works. Is there a file extension or something I need to do to have the computer interpret the code?
A friend of a friend came over and messed with my comp and now i dont know what is wrong with it it keeps restarting when i try to boot it normally and the only time it opens starts is when it is in safe mode I really need help if someone can help me please
I have done a search and brings to something called Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, but I have no idea if this is even installed on my computer.
Doctor Woot
msgr, my space, yahoo, if I don't close them as they open, I lose my sound, end up having too do "system restore" before I can get sound back. Any suggestions?
It says; 'Primary Hard Disk not found'..Why and how do I fix this problem?