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Jason P.
i dumped him but i wasnt sure how i felt between him and europe boy i still have feelings for him but i am so confused!
I really like my bf already but I don't know who to bf or my friend
Amazing Guy
This is your chance to toot your own horn, and share your own positive outlook or action. What are you doing, portraying, demonstrating, uplifting, passing on to your children, sharing with a friend, etc... that is making the world a better place. And if we all did it.... would the ripple effect grow into a wave?? I may not have much time on line so If I don't comment right assured I will be back to comment as soon as possible! And BTW..... what ever you are doing, no matter how small.... May I just say, THANK YOU
grandson Shea 5months ago, it will be here for a wee while then im back to the castle to have it repaired
i want to start a day old bread store but dont know how to get started
ok this is what i want you do for take evey thing from mysystem andrestart it overso that it can run faster and not slow page open up very slow
the same thing. How can I get it to do a system restore from a dos prompt? Is there anything else I can do short of reformatting the hard drive? All my data files, music, movies and pictures are stored on an external hard drive so I don't mind reformatting, I just don't know if it's necessary yet. Can you help me, I'm a novice but a quick study?