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likes it better, and is better for her. It's also pretty simple. I found recipes on the aspc website for homemade dog food.
seems pretty stiff and is making crying noises that suggest he's very unconfortable. My family is taking him to the vet right now, but do you have any ideas what could be wrong with him? He's a 12-year-old sheppard mix, but in VERY, VERY good shape for his age {generally mistaken for 5-8}, and he was fine this morning.
What's you intake status? I'm thinking about indulging but I'm not sure if it's too early or too late. What's up?
Now...should I just relax? But, then it will just be like we're friends again.. and I know we both want more..but are kinda new to the whole dating scene. What should I talk about and what should I not talk about?I'm confused.
Were you able to find the Code of Conduct and other information on the home page?
Übercat™, confession from kids under duress are notoriously inaccurate and that's why typically child behaviorial experts are called in to examine the child.So, do you believe this confession too, or is the police taking the easy way out and that further investigation is warranted?