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┬ęsergent Siler
A-Estate planningB-Child-suport calculationsC-Calculating litigation damagesD-Preparing real estate closing documents
A-estate planning.B-child-support calculations.C-calculating litigation damages.D-preparing real estate closing documents.
Kay Kay
It's so annoying. I draw a table with neat little borders and stuff, but when I copy one section to another, sometimes the borders come with it when I don't want them to, and other times the existing borders disappear when pasted onto.Is there any way to fix the border lines in place?
Need this to run on its own, at specified times on a running computer.A program that ran a complete recorded macro would be great. IDEAS????
I got a new computer and it's a Mac. I don't think it has Appleworks on it, but isn't it supposed to? And does Appleworks have a spreadsheet in it?
Goodbye, Cruel World
Our MVP, Mindy, asked a question about Roman Numerals and I remember early exercises (maybe as far back as VisiCalc) for formatting a number in Roman numerals.Seems there would be logical applications such as copyright dates.So why is it not a built-in feature?