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I love figs and olives and have been experimenting in using them in all types of dishes and appetizers for guests but I'm never really sure what it means if I see a recipe for a spread vs. a jam vs. a tapenade? Do you know?
In most of the system Spread Spectrum option is available in System BIOS Setup under H/W Monitor for CPU, CPU/LDT, SATA, graphic PCI E
I keep seeing referals to Google when the realisation that a real human is not the fountain of knowledge he or she would hope to be.Should we perhaps be suggesting as a viable search engine? Afterall, the questions and answers here should (in the future) help to form or expan the search.
Since I was a little child I remember all priests calling for what Christians stood for. Give half of what you have because this is our faith.
lets pull together and cut back on our fuel usage,sacrifice recreational outings long enough to show them we dont have to use fuel as much if we dont want to, and a lot of businesses will and are losing money as we speak, use that extra money to enjoy our families at home or put it aside to help pay our heating bills in the winter, and while we are at it while its hot start getting your homes ready to be energy efficient before it gets cold so they dont rob you in heating bills.
It has been 25 years and over 25 million lives lost...what are you doing to stop this pandemic?
as our body is our temple, did the House anticipate the weakness of the iraqi people? the inability to stand and fight due to the long term conditoning exposure to inhumane rule