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I dont understand why people want to watch other people get tackled while trying to get a ball down a field. I dont understand why people play sports. Whats so great i honestly see only stupidity.
Learn more about the sport culture abour Unite State
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A cheerleader said "cheerleading is a sport, because it is competing, involves a workout and it even has schorlarships offers too" by that definition what are sports...because typing could be considered a sport being competitive and providing a workout....also academic work, to become valedictorian is competing, involves a mental workout and has schorlarships......i personally think in this case "sport" would be a word with multi-meanings; different definitions whereas cheerleading will fall in a different category. Are there different branches with the meaning of "sport".
Once again I missed my NFL season because I dont get any of the channels they play on. I was wondering if there is a site on the web where i can view then next season.
For example: spoiler, diffuser, ect...
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