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Saint Gerbil
Okay, here it goes. So there is this girl, who happens to be my best friends sister... and she kinda has my heart. The issue is... she has a reputation of being a bit... I dont know how to say it but she plays a LOT of games. She is recently graduated from high school so I thought this the best time to open up to her and tell her how I feel... she definatly seems into it but she is fresh out of a relationship with this other guy (it was for like a year I think) and can't help but feel she is hiding something from me. But I fear a lot of my worry is the fact that at a very young age (16-19) I dated this girl who moved in with me and got pregnant and got an abortion with out even saying anything to me, so I am pretty protective of my heart... but even at that I have been with 5-6 girls since that and I have not been able to feel this happy around any of them (and some of them were really great girls) I am so lost I have no idea what to do!!! anyone have thoughts?
in selecting a new car... one that will be economical to drive, look good, and won't cost me an arm and leg... (I really hate the idea of car payments, again)... am in desperate need of suggestions... any great ideas in this group? HELP!!!