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I need to build a case against someone getting a Staffordshire Terrier with a one-year-old in the house.I know they can be sweet. I know there are nice things to say about them, but there ARE negative aspects and I'd like to build a case to at least make the known risks available to the parents before they go through with this purchase.Please help by providing links to reliable sources of information.Thanks.
If you talk your way out of a cardiac unit to be in time to attend a friend's Mom's funeral, but have no time to go home and change, arrive in everyday muted top, slacks, and tweed coat (not what you'd have worn!), briefly whisper explanation, then go see your bereaved friend, have you done something offensive? My elder sister did this, and feels she did wrong; I disagree: she showed up on time, not fancily dressed. Help?
I don't drive on interstates but I need to get from Spartanburg, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC for Christmas. Are there any free online map sites that would show the way on 2 or 4 lane roads instead of interstate routes? Please help fast. Thank you.
In process of opening and establishing a new business that is geared toward repairing laptops specifically. Yes, they can be fixed at a reasonable charge and you do not have to buy a new one. Where do you look locally, online for the laptop or computer repairs you need to have done? Be specific. Also, answers from the Boise-Meridian-Eagle-Nampa are are very welcome, as are any and all.Thanks!
A lot of Christian denominations believe in the Rapture, and for many non-Christians the scenario makes sense. I am wondering where the Rapture is described as the catalyst for Anti-Christ's rise on the political scene and the catalyst for Armageddon.
While teaching the parable of the sower, Jesus reveals to his disciples and 'they that were about him with the twelve (disciples)" who are "good ground" in Mark 4:20; "And these are they (seed or word of God (The Almighty)) which are sown on good ground, such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred." Specifically, Jesus is revealing those (Christians) who have faith in God or those of the Christian faith. They are the ones who God plants or saves to his church or kingdom, as per Acts 2:47; "...And the Lord (God Almighty) added to the church...[or his kingdom]...daily such as should be saved." Do you agree?
I learned a little about this in my molecular biology class. If creationism occurred, you surely should have an alternative explanation for snRNA function.
I read on Wikipedia that N73 (which uses Symbian OS 9.1 with S60 platform) supports multitasking, making N73 more like a complete computer. Does Sony Ericsson P990i too support multitasking (it uses Symbian OS 9.1 with UIQ 3)?Kindly look at other recent questions asked by me as they are all related to mobile phones- because I want to buy a new mobile phone. Thanks!
got a 95 dodge avenger and i can set the cruise control and the light comes on but the engine will not remain at the speed i set it.