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I have Windows XP I am using this for video presentations(mp3/text/photo images)
I have a friend who says she wants to go out with a doctor, I thought this was strange, and very specific.Just because he's a doctor, doesn't mean he's a good guy, no offence to any doctors reading this, but I'm right.She's even suggested going to bars near hospitals in the hope of netting a doctor, what do you think of this?
Please feel free to say a well spoken Scottish accent does it for you ;)Does Antonio Banderas's Spanish accent float your boat?Does Russell Crowe's Australian accent give you tingles?Does Simon Cowell's English accent send a shiver down your spine?Come on ladies, what accent melts your butter?
I was just making macaroni and cheese and the recipe said to boil 8 cups of water. Why 8 cups? The other day, I was making another dish that involved pasta, and that recipe said to boil 4 cups of water. It was a smaller amount of pasta.But I'm wondering why these recipes call for these specific amounts and if it's really necessary to measure them out. I'm thinking it's okay to eye it and fill the pot with enough water to cover all of the pasta.
I asked a bartender at a London pub what it is but he was American and didn't know either. Thanks.
Bert Jan
I would like to be able to see places that I use to go to and liveview cam allows one to see some areas but I want to be able to specify where. I do not know how to do that yet or if it is possible. Help appreciated...