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Rene O
This modification has obliterated my UPDATED SPACES module - I nolonger display Avatars or path names to other peoples spaces - I can not search other people's spaces, it I don't have something to click, that opens their space. Are we now restricted from any spaces that we don't have in our networks? Twice I have submitted questions about this problem and did not get any answers back, except "I'am sorry for any inconvenience this has coused you" - yea right. This is a loss of exposure to world cultures - I did enjoy looking at all the photos, from places I will probably get to. Is this just me with the problem - you can find out more about Windows Live Spaces, by visiting the official Spaces Team blog at Is their some kind of Directory? - which would show Avatars or space names-links, that you can just click to explore?
Which service do you believe works better Windows Live Spaces, facebook or MySpace?
tech support instructed me to go to and I did click sign in (don't see /see sign up. So that is a whole different thing.
I was looking at some new spaces when I ran into one that was Chinese (or was it Korean, Japanese I don't know). I was trying this site: But I don't think its helping much, do you know of any other translating sites?
The pop up asks me to "share my expertise" and create a Windows Space. I don't want to, and keep getting stuck in this circle. Why is it happening, and how do I make it stop?
When I go to my Windows Live Spaces page from a bookmark in my favorites it takes me directly to sign in and when I sign in it takes me to my webmail page. I can't view my page at all, HELP! Have you ever had this happen to you? Do you have any suggestions to help me fix this problem that I am having with my page?Thank you in advance for your response!