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Do our carbonated sodas contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming? Or does the carbon dioxide in the sodas come from carbon that's already in the carbon cycle?
Chicago Lady
My sister called me in a panic. She heard this on national news last night. I'm not seeing anything about it. Sis raises goldens and is in an uproar about this. She's looking for a news source, can you help us find one?
ham, protein bars, cheese, eggs, protein shakes...)? I'm thinking I get most my protein from chicken... you?
pls send me the websites for game source code or attach any files for mepls help me
I'm interested to make a compact as possible win xp installation source,Greek version.I'm not interested about an automated-unattended installation,so i want to integrate the Greek wmp 10 with all it's features directly into win xp files like a service pack or a hotfix,replacing wmp 9.
One of the biggest mistakes of all time is when Co$a-Cola could have paid a couple of thousand dollars to buy out Pep$i-Cola. Co$a-Cola was so BIG it did not even want to think about the small up start Pep$i-Cola. You know the rest of the story!
I am looking for information on the US rules (FCC). If your answer is an FCC document please provide a link and if possible let me know WHAT part of the document the relevant rules are in.I am looking for a source for ALL types of communications technology with special interest in cellular telephone systems and unlicensed operations including WI-FI and WIMAX.Thanks!