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I feel as If I am all alone here and no one is really bothered about me. Everyone is so much into their own that what my concerns are is no one interested to know. I feel everyone is so self centered and are here to gain for themselves and not really interested to know what I want, what I like and what hurts me??Am I wrong or people are really like that???
Leeroy Jenkins
I sometimes prepare, steak, turkey or chicken for my dogs. I mix the prepared meat with rice and brown cruchies ( dry dog food). What prepared foods are you giving your pets? How do you cook them?
Bev It is so funny to see, do you know of any one that looks like their pet?
And when I say tired, I mean drop dead, take a nap for 45 minutes, tired. 
I just threw out a bunch of bananas that went from being very green last week to over ripen... they never really hit the "good yellow color" - they just skipped that stage and went right to over ripe and mushy with a dark color. Why is that?
Coffee Lover
But as i grab something to kill me, i think of my family and loved ones, and i go to bed and sleep hoping something will happen.