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Cutey With A Booty could have spoken up but he's not the President! There is only 1 President at a time! Bush is still our President. He still has 60 days to go!
I am a major international corporation with a literary-inspired name and logo. The tie between novel and store makes a colorful story, may be apocryphal. My name is shared by a cost-conscious male ship?s officer. My products are ironically high-priced indulgences. My logo is a potentially dangerous woman, often a symbol of bad luck, but she smiles for me. She posed no danger for my eponym, who faced a much larger, paler threat and perished in the fight.
In Canada we have the Metric System. I want to know the following, In my area, a Litre of gasoline is selling for approximately, $1.20/L. I want to know, if you converted that to U.S. Gallons, what would U.S. Citizens be paying for a gallon of gas, if it was at that price of $1.20/L? I know its over $5.00 a Gallon. Apparently, I am Hollywood, and I am NOT smarter than a 5th Grader. Thank you. Please post the formula, and how you worked it out.I am drawing a blank.
Would you like to hear my ideas about the new economic system I created called - Provisionalism?
Please dont say ImTOO DVD, its multi thread aware but doesnt actualy use multiple threads, it just shifts the single thread from one core to another, which does free up the load on each core but doesnt run it in parallel and there by its no faster!
I passed on puffing because I knew my job does random drug tests. This was on March 17th. I rolled down the window to breathe also. I am being tested sometime within the next two weeks. Could I fail? Anything I can take to clean out my system? I really need better friends...............