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Or has the price increases at the supermarket and possibly other things- as yet to be seen-canceled each other out. I carry another health insurance plan which will increase by 8 percent soon. So on my part-taking all things into consideration - I will be taking one step forward and two steps back.
Ob Since my childhood I found the notion that we are superior "race" totally abhorrent. This lead me from young age to rebel against this false concept of "race" which lead to intense studies in religions, philosophy, science and ideologies. There is no real (meaning natural) demarcation of such thing called "race". Do you subconsciously categorize people to inferior and superior on the basis of superficial external differences or do you view them equal humans but differ only how good a person they are? Please dig deep before answering?
Buy low, sale high. With the Stock Market so low "We the People" could see a win win for are economy and the long term funding of Social Security. Buy low, sale high..... BUY LOW, SALE HIGH !
-- I'm referring to "Romantic/Erotic" Love, NOT Platonic or Godly love, so please don't quote me holy verses, please I beg of you ;) lolGive me logical reasons for your assessment. -- Do not tell me something like "just because I believe in what's been told to everyone!", I'd rather hear you say in that case that you're non su juris under the influence of romance intoxication. (Don't "reason" it like some would argue about myths without logic or evidence)-- Present your reasons from a perspective you see fit, scientific, sociological, philosophical, psychological, political, etc. -- To facilitate easy viewing, please start your answer with your brief conclusion, followed by reasons. Thank you! :)*
*¨*ana Carolina*¨*
Many times I feel anxious in social encounters. Then I try to suppress nervous thoughts. But it rarely works. I get more anxious than before. What do you do to cope with anxiety in social situations? Please tell me some experience where you found out a good way to calm yourself.
Amazing Guy
Example. A person meets another and finds them interesting,charming, and fun. They're attracted to the person but realize the person doesn't meet what they typically would define as attractive. Maybe a woman is heavier when the man has always perceived thin as attractive. A woman may perceive a taller man as more attractive than a shorter. Despite the fact they felt drawn to this other person. How many people ignore the initial attraction they felt and walk away from potentially perfect matches because they over analyze appearance based on what they are conditioned to think is attractive and what their peers would think? Social definitions of "attractive" change through the years, for example in victorian days a woman was preferred to be curvy and plump. So I wonder now whether we are making decisions on our own internal definitions of attractive or by social definition..and whether men or women do so more, and whether we are even aware of our tendency to do so??
it's 4 my school project about the history of social security tax, ya dig?