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Is the Peso is looking more and more valuable compared to the Dollar?
when I start up from hibernate I get a message that the ie may run slow or not at all, that is exactly what it does It does not do this if I shut down.
I have the magnifying glass in my tray. Can it be set to start indexing when I want it to? Instead of automatically when the computer goes on? Thank you!
I've deleted cookies, run Vcom thru registry, dang thing keeps slowing down.......needs a charge..Any ideas? (and don't be funny..ok? )
Queen Mabds
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My computer is going really slow lately and if I leave it on too long after a while it says "vitual memory too low" and shuts down all the programs.
I cant remember if my flash drive is Ready boost ready but when i plug it in my computer it gives me the option to boost my pc's performance so i click yes and i use the recommended amount of memory to reserve but then my CPU Usage meter goes to 100%