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Tags: situation
I'm looking for a fairly laid back, small dog who will fit in with our mature cats and be able to travel with us in our motor home. When we're at home in a rural setting, we have a fully fenced yard for the dog to run/play in but I see him/her as indoors most of the time. The dog and I will share walks of a mile or so every day.
Have you left instructions as to what should be done if you are in a coma or life threatening situation. Would you like to be kept alive through artificial means, this includes cpr or any type of device that would keep you alive? Why would you decline life support or choose to be kept alive through these means?
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I am guessing self defense is one case, when your life or the lives of your family members are threatened. Or may be in case of war. Or if you are a police officer. What else?
The HS football team where I now live is in the Championship game with the HS team where I was born and raised. Should I root for my hometown or for my team now?
Tags: situation