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I have tried using the phone twice but the automated machine will not give the last 6 digits of group H of the informationID. And i do not have internet on my machine.
I just bought Flight Simulator X and I am having a bit of a hard time trying to balance Performance and quality. Here are my specs:Windows XP Pro. (SP2)Intel Celeron D 3.22GHz512MB of memoryNvidia GeForce 6200OC (PCI)The game seems to lag a bit on the higher setting, but I'd like it to preform well and look good. What are some suggested settings I could try? Thanks.
I have a control pad that looks something like this:​/22197134.JPG(R1 R2 and L1 L2 buttons on back, 'course)What's the best way to map this controller? Thanks.
What hardware specs would I need to max out the graphic settings in flight sim? Just wondering :)
If so, you might be able to help me. I have problems with the program. Let me know if you use it and have had it not even starting....etc.Thanks