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I've seen so much anti-this and anti-that... what benefit do you get from saluting a flag if you don't stand for what it represents? I'm very non-poltical but since I'm out of the country I claim as my home, I was asked if I saluted and I don't normally. If I am in a forum where it's called for based on my allegiance to my homeland I probably would but other than that, I don't see the need. I am who I am and I support my country and it's representatives when they act responsibly and appropriately. My loyalty is to doing the right thing at all costs. Does that make me un-patriotic?
What is up with the current videos of police gone wild? I've seen several caught on tape recently of cops beating the hell out of suspects... Is it just a bunch of scum bag cops or is it the job?
add and stir in or on aside from only butter ? ideas ?
oh and if anyone knows any home made soup recipes please share soup
Does anybody know a good recipe to cook salmon? Something plain and simple and easy. The wife is getting upset, not knowing how to cook a salmon. I just want a descriptive recipe that she'll be able to do.HELP PLEASE!!!Something for the oven, not the grill.
Would like to keep this as simple as cooking. Thanks!
Born Fool
I have 1 1/4 pounds of ground turkey, Bread crumbs (plain and seasoned.), several olive oils, onions, chopped garlic, mustard, Cheese, lettuce, and tomato Suggestions?