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It seems weird to put an emotional attachment on a question and answer website, but I've come to love participating here (regardless of my previous disagreements with QnA legislation). I think for tonight, that's all the questions I've got. Seems somewhat pointless given the countdown. What do you all think?
Notebook I mean, how do you shut one down automatticly?
ok i install my webcam invite people to view it and it shuts my pc down and reboots?
I need to find a fix for XP hanging at "logging off" indefinately. I have SP2 and all the latest updates. This is a brand new computer, but it won't shutdown; unless I do it manually.
Ok here is the senario... I try to power up, it starts to load and then the screen "It's now safe to turn off your computer" comes up. The machine will however start up just fine in "safe mode". Thanks in advance
How do I correct this problem so that my XP SP2 PC will shutdown without my getting invilved with clicking a button?
What can I do or check to see what's happening and to stop this?