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I bought $200 of silver a few weeks ago at 20.50 an ounce. Now its $2 lower. Should I sell it now to avoid a huge loss or wait possibly years to get a fair price for it?
Everyone knows motorcycles get twice the mileage as cars, shouldn't they be rewarded for their contribution to fuel efficiency?
Under the haze of the Sarah Palin entrance on the election scene, remains THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE of the election, the ECONOMY. McCain has already admitted that he doesn't understand the economy and now his mentor has decried his economic policy. Given these facts, why should voters still support him?​01
if the gov, can help the banks how come the gov, can't help the homeowner and cut there home loans in half
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Bush still has 60 days left in office. He is still the President. What is he doing today to make this country better?
I'm having to write an essay on the above topic, and I'm at a loss to find any advantages with fee-paying systems, i.e. where you pay for your college or university tuition. I'd love to hear any opinions you have on the subject, from any point of view. Obviously, I'm not expecting whole essays here, just a few points that can be researched further and/or explored. Thanks in advance!
Some would vote for complete control, while others would oppose any ideas of gov intervention. In between these two extremes, some believe governments should only intervene in in the economy to combat economic problems such as inflation or unemployment. What do you think? Why?