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You can use Alt+D to quickly get to the address box, but is there any way to quickly select the search box? (Aside from clicking on it, of course.)
For some reason my microsoft word icon changed to that old program icon. When i go to properties it will not let me change the icon back. Any suggestions on what to do
How do I get a shortcut's target to go to a program or file in my flash drive, like when it has a different drive letter on different computers (e.g. E: F: G:)? Example: "G:\Programs\Matrox DualHead2Go System Compatibility Tool\GXM Compatibility Tool.exe" would not work on a computer where the flash drive is plugged in E:\.
Eventually down the line, the little arrows denoting shortcuts disappeared and have yet to return. I have XP Home and am sure I have no malware etc.Is there a way to get them back from their extremely extended hiyatus?
"rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState" could makes computer hibernate, but not STANDBY.