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Do you wait until your old shoes are worn out, is there an incredible sale, do you have to get the latest style, or you just had nothing to wear with that outfit?I don't have a lot of shoes that don't have a particular purpose or outfit to match so indulge my curiousity please.
Tags: shopping
Was their only disguise in the bank sunglasses?What would make someone think that they shouldn't like run and hide?I guess they didn't get the die packs?
I think this is like the cigarette pricing fix. The opponents of smoking attach taxes and additional fees to the price of a pack of cigarettes hoping the price increase will deter usage, or so they say.I think many elected politicians believe this is the same tactic that will change the way Americans use gas.An average pack of cigarettes now costs about $4 dollars. Lots of people still buy them and the blackmarket for tobacco is getting bigger.You raise the price of gas and people will find a way to get it if they need it. Blackmarket, highjacked tankers? I think if it continues to rise like it is, we will also feel the effect in the price of goods.So where does the price of gas have to be for you to really change both your driving and your shopping habits? $5 per gallon? $7.50 per gallon?
does it really even make a difference?i once heard that by shopping online you get more discounts is this true?
I'm currently looking for a desktop with Windows Vista Ultimate and I was wondering if there was a consensus on the cheapest options. I'm specifically looking for an HP model and I'm not planning on purchasing from another manufacturer. So, is it supposed to be cheaper if I buy from directly than if I were to buy the desktop at Best Buy, Circuit City, or Costco? The other reason I ask is that not many computers are loaded with Ultimate at the moment, so I don't want to go ahead and buy it from HP just because I want it now and later find it a Best Buy for several $100's less. The only reason I want to buy it from directly is because I'd be able to customize it perfectly, but if there is a cheaper option, I'm willing to take it. What do most people say about prices when comparing direct ordering to retail?
I need flat dried flower parts now without purchase as I am homebound. I use envirotex or Decopour over the top.Is it possible with houshold additives?
If you have an eBay and PayPal account (both are very simple to get) go to: the words to search for what you want.At or near the top you should see a link to eBay for the item you are looking for followed by "Live Search Cash Back". Click on that to go to eBay and qualify for the rebate.You will need to sign up for a "Cash Back" account before you actually start shopping - also simple to do.When you find the "Buy it Now" item you want simply purchase it and when you go to pay for it you will see your rebate amount.You are allowed 10 or 12 purchases using the 25% rebate. Your rebate will be available after 60 days in the event that you need to return the item.
whats annoying me is that my cablevision Long Island NY, the commercials and ad's are based on your previous shopping habits and to me it spooky.And don't like it. Doesn't it annoy others ???????