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I am a Netflix subscriber and have been a subscriber for years... am wondering if you've tried out their DVD by mail rental service and if so, what you think of the service? Do you feel like you get a good value for your subscription?
I would like to send the data on DVD discs.Something likeĀ UK's Eyewire service, but located in the US.Thank you.-
I bought the sony service remote J-6090-203-A for dvd recorder RDR-HX970 and I want to use it for upgradig the hardisk to bigger size. I tested the remote with sony TV and sony dvd recorder RDR-HX910 but it is not working. Does it need a setting or is there a guide for this remote ?
drugs do to your mind-(fries it) ? Do you think any ads against drug use helps?
Chicago Lady
If you take your pet to a groomer, what do you like best? What service do you wish they offered?
If you talk your way out of a cardiac unit to be in time to attend a friend's Mom's funeral, but have no time to go home and change, arrive in everyday muted top, slacks, and tweed coat (not what you'd have worn!), briefly whisper explanation, then go see your bereaved friend, have you done something offensive? My elder sister did this, and feels she did wrong; I disagree: she showed up on time, not fancily dressed. Help?
Is it that good old fashioned technique called bait and switch? I keep hearing complaints that the model in the ads often invite people to join the service, but there's no profile for said model. If and when there is, the model has not signed in since the day they opened the account or they have the settings so restricted that no one can possibly match up with them. Are people who use these web sites asking to be set up, knowing they will never meet the model in the picture or are they so desperately lonely that they don't care?
Have you ever met anyone on a dating site? Do you think any of them do what they promise?