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Am I wrong or is the subject of global warming not a concern? Why did the candidates drop the subject?
Ok, I have a Phillips DVD+RW DVD8631 CD Drive in my Dell Dimension 3000. It can play DVD's but it can't play CD's any more. I have tried putting in multiple CD's in to install software, but none of them work! By the way, CD's worked before, as in a few months ago. I have had the computer for about 3 or 4 years and this has never happened before! In Device Manager it works fine! Maybe the CD side of the drive isn't working.Thanks in advance,Jai
It's fun to be out there hiking in the moonlight. Last week I took my dogs out with me before the Moon got too dark. My dogs love to run in the wide open spaces. Do I need to worry about them if they happen upon a coyote? Could it end up being an ugly encounter...or will they scare the coyote away? I really need to know....I would hate to hear a wild dog fight in the dark!!
There was a serious car accident in my area that killed one Corrections Officer from the Lakeview Corrections Facility who was also the Fire Chief for West Seneca Fire Department.The other driver John was also a Corrections Officer for the County Jail and was Starflighted to Hamot Medical Center in Erie PA and is a friend of ours. We are not sure how he is doing at this time but he has really serious injuries.John's brother is also a police officer for the City of Dunkirk NY.javascript:playVideo('1485116', 'West%20Seneca%20Fire%20Chief%20Dies%20in%20Car%20Crash', 'v', 'News', '131167', 'Homepage', '', '');If this link does not work go to this link and click on the West Seneca Fire Chief dies story