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Or has the price increases at the supermarket and possibly other things- as yet to be seen-canceled each other out. I carry another health insurance plan which will increase by 8 percent soon. So on my part-taking all things into consideration - I will be taking one step forward and two steps back.
Dazzling, yes. Shining yes. How else can you describe diamonds?Are diamonds really forever? Could they be "out" some day (like fur on similar humanitarian grounds)? Could diamonds become a no-no item for women & men of good-faith, self-respect and humane reach & touch? No offense to anyone, but only a naive question - I hear some of you complaining... "just before the mother's day weekend Cemil?" :)Knowing that Lord has not meant any natural value in diamonds (except for shredding all other materials) ; I see of no inherent common "good" (utility) in them for most part of Nature.
Buy low, sale high. With the Stock Market so low "We the People" could see a win win for are economy and the long term funding of Social Security. Buy low, sale high..... BUY LOW, SALE HIGH !
And is this adequate?Ours is abismall---drugs/ weapons/ fights on a daily basis-----so much for 'zero tolerence!'
Should self defense, conflict resolution, criminal profiling and other policing aspects become part and parcel of the teachers' training to better equip them with the ever increasing violent school environment or not? If not, what is your opinion the solution is?
The Oracle
whoever else's you program in there, like the babysitter only between 4 and 8 p.m. for example)....but my question is, can a clever thief- just like in the crime dramas or spy movies...copy your print onto some thin membrane of plastic and fake it? Worse yet, YIKES! what's to prevent someone from cutting off your finger if you were like really rich?
I went to the library today to get a couple novels to read now that I am out of school and they had security!!! shocked the crap right out of me, that you would need them at the library.