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I've been working at home since my puppy came into my life at 2 months. He is a 6-month old Boston Terrier, and I will now have to start a new job, but with the hour commute, will be gone 11 hours per day. I normally secure him in my galley kitchen with a gate, and leave water, bed, toys and a pee pad. He is normally good when I'm gone for 4-6 hours but have never tried longer. Any suggestions as to what I can do?
I seem to be getting thrown off of my secure server and placed onto an unsecure server whenever I'm on the internet. Why is this happening? Do you think someone is trying to get into my computer? This has never happened before.
My neighbors are using my Internet! I need to lock my network but don't have a clue as to how. Should I call for a computer tech?
If so, where is it? I can only view secure sites and it's driving me crazy that I can't check my e-mail.
Rather than preaching, I thought I would see what steps our users take to ensure their machine and personal files are protected.
I have seen this before but I'm not sure how to do it... Someone made their computer where if a hacker goes to "My Network Places" and double clicks the targets computer say "John's Laptop" before showing John's shared files it will give a dialog that ask for a user name and password like this (this is my personal web storage... please view the screen shot): Please help me because I dont want people on the same hotspot as me to be able to view my shared files...And I am 100% sure that this is possible because I have seen it before.
and got a no imput signal , double checked everything ,and got no imput signal,a freind of mine had a look at it restarted the computer and done something when the computer first starts up ,and hey it was back to normal i don't know what he did and not get the chance to ask him what did he do in case it happens xp
I have been trying to find a powerful firewall that will keep out anything so I do not have to waste system resources on running multiple programs like Spysweeper, or Avast!, or Trend Micro. Norton and McAfee are terrible so PLEASE don't suggest them. I'm hoping someone knows of a program similar to BlackICE because I haven't been able to find anything else.