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okay to you. They are a wonderful pastry made with ricotta.
A number of years ago a friend of mine used a program (I believe it was DOS based) where you could set up a completely custom solar system with custom orbits, planets, suns, object mass, speed, etc and I have looked for that program of something similar off and on in the past years. Has anyone heard of this program or something similar?
scvhost.exe! one of them uses a lot of CPU!!! When i end the process the cpu speed returns to 2/3/4%, and my computer works much faster. But then, when i go to play sim city 4... it doesnt work at all? what can i do?
Vista Premium 2G Ram 160G Hard DriveIntel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHznVida 256mb Graphics Card AnyDVD/Cd RW Drive cheersDavid
i have been trying to get information to relocate but i can not seem to get anyone to return my calls in the Granville area, can u help?